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 Medallion Pipe Supply is the national distribution agent for the CPS brand of grooved fittings. We maintain one of the largest national inventories of grooved fittings and valves and provide our clients with high order fill rates and competitive pricing.

The CPS Grooved Piping System offers versatility, economy, and reliability in the installation of piping systems. It is faster to install than welding, easier and more reliable than threading or flanging. Most importantly, it generally results in the lowest installed cost and greatest time savings.

CPS Grooved Piping System elastomeric gaskets, ductile iron clamps, and heat treated nuts & bolts have been manufactured under the exacting standards set by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and FM (Factory Mutual System). Correspondingly, the CPS line of fittings and pipes are UL and ULC listed as well as FM approved. 

We also carry a secondary line of grooved product that we distribute called Shurjoint Fittings. Please see below link for more information on this product line.

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